IIoT portfolio Management,
just another crucial role in your organization?

That's definitely our main message,
Because without it, IIoT will remain unregulated, & the approach unstructured.

So, what is IIoT portfolio management?

IoT Portfolio management is, in it’s core an ITIL process, specifically designed for IIoT, 

It takes in account all related elements of all connected devices that generate data and that: 

  • Are deployed on premise of the organization, independent of ownership
  • Or that are owned or managed by the organization, independent of their location 

it does this on a number of domains and it ensures compliance with internal processes and external legislation.

Overarching it has an impact on how all solutions are designed, implemented, managed, secured and doing this by implementing design and frameworks. 

  • Operational ,: ownership IT/OT 
  • Strategic mission vision strategy 
  • Architecture: example: tiered platform implementation 
  • Tax fiscal – tax optimization practices, innovation grants etc. 
  • Standardization of processes
  • Communication frameworks
  • Compliance (NIS2 / EU data Act / GDPR)
  • Lifecycle management 
  • Security (IIoT chain)
  • And more.. 

The overall biggest challenge is that current processes, current tools, current competences from your organization can not be duplicated 1on1 to IIoT.

This is where Lyxion has got you covered 

'Why' consider IIoT portfolio management a crucial domain in your organisation?


"Why" organisations consider IIoT portfolio management?

While IoT portfolio management aims to streamline all processes with regards to IIoT, our market research showed a number of clear favorite reasons to put it in place.

Data transparency and Compliance

Standardize IT/OT processes

Data interoperability

Reduce time to market of new solutions

Overall cost reduction

Why else install IIoT PFM

"IIoT Portfolio Management is a relatively uncharted territory. Until recently, many IIoT and IoT projects proceeded without a holistic view, leading to unforeseen complications. While IIoT PFM offers structure and foresight, businesses without it still struggle to pinpoint these challenges. The next points highlight the challenges:"

Missing procurement checks
Missing coordination between BU's with overlapping needs
Missing certification for GDPR related IOT items
No standardized innovation roadmaps
No Tax optimisation and subsidies checks
Missing central stock or lifecycle management
Missing classification system within a tiered platform strategy
Missing organisational structure and mandates

Get up to speed in no time.

Discover the benefits of IIoT Portfolio Management and position yourself as a leader in innovation while staying compliant to security and legal challenges. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with confidence in the future.

Find out what Lyxion is all about (and not about)



Our Philosophy on IIoT Portfolio Management

The world of Industrial Internet of Things is a constant dance of choices and compromises, with IIoT portfolio management as a new, key pivotal, role.

Find out more “why” and “how” we build the Lyxion philosophy around the new “needs”


Our services for setting up a IIoT portfolio framework

We aim to set up a full IIoT Pfm framework in weeks that enables your new IIoT portfolio manager to hit the road running. Crucial, as IIoT is a relatively new domain (and most people haven’t even heard of IIoT portfolio management). 

Find out more on which frameworks we put in place and why. 


Our hard- and software products as support of your IIoT PFM

Yes, we do bring tested tools to the table, as support for your vision, deployment & innovation. We agree that this is not a “100 % agnostic approach” but we are about quality and speed, This can only de done, based on a full due diligence.


Our quick access support team as part of your Fit Gap Analysis

The IIoT portfolio manager needs quick access to very specific knowledge, on hardware, development, integration, compliance, tax fiscal, security, etc..

Don't hold yourself back, IIoT portfolio management is the driver of innovation, compliance, a secure environment and a crucial step to a more data driven organization. 

People say they want IIoT but not the responsibility

Sure, I’ll get you a puppy… ,

People are afraid that they will limit their choices

We consider that “asking for allergies” in the restaurant has nothing to do with reducing choices.,

People are afraid there will be more and more rules.

We don’t consider putting a sign next to a bridge with “maximum allowed weight” to be just another rule.,

People are afraid we might slow them down;

We don’t think making a checklist for a barbeque with 100 guest should be considered as “slowing down” ,

Or jump right into the most prominent driver of IIoT portfolio management...

More than just Data Compliance

Yes, you need to get a grip on compliance with NIS2, EU Data Act & GDPR and while IIoT portfolio management is, by design, created for this, just getting compliant is not enough. 

We help you redesign, standardize your processes so you stay compliant. 

of businesses don't have IIoT portfolio Management

Who can give you an overview of ALL deployed IoT in your organization? Who can tell you which data is leaking out of your company, the risks, the cost, the opportunities..

Enforce compliency with best practices and IIoT policies

Read up on compliance, innovation security or other reasons that benefit from the implementation of IIoT portfolio management today.